Woodland is a non-denominational, Bible believing, Jesus Centered church in Payson, AZ.

One of the unique things about us is we only have services on Sunday evenings. We have found that this allows for more intentionality about church attendance and involvement. We love the idea of ending the weekend and starting the week worshiping at Woodland.



4:30 PM & 6:30 PM

Lead people to a relationship with Jesus Christ that brings personal transformation and community impact.

The Trinity

God is 3 divine persons that co-exist as 1.

He is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ

Jesus is the only Son of God and is God, both fully man and fully God.

Jesus was born of a virgin.

Jesus is the Savior and hope of the world, The Way The Truth and The Life.


Salvation is by the grace of God through faith in Jesus’s atoning work on the cross. 
Salvation is not by any work of man, it is the gift of God to those who believe.
No one can come to God except through faith in Christ.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the 3rd Person of the Trinity, his primary role is to glorify Jesus. 
He is the One who empowers God’s people to carry out His plan for the church. 
The Holy Spirit is the One who comforts, counsels, and leads His people into all truth.


The Holy scriptures are (in their original form) the inspired, God breathed, inherent word of God.

God has given us the Bible as the foundation for healthy fulfilled living.


Baptism is a step of faith and obedience for the Christ follower. Baptism symbolizes death to our sin nature and resurrection into new life with Christ. Though not required for salvation, baptism was modeled by Jesus and is commanded for all who follow Him.


Communion or, The Lord’s supper, was given to us by Jesus to remember His sacrifice on the cross in our place, and to commemorate the ushering in of His New Covenant by the shedding of His blood. Communion is a time of communing with our Savior, reflection, and thanksgiving. 


We believe in the imminent pre-tribulation rapture of the church followed by a literal 7 years of tribulation on the earth.

The end of the Great Tribulation will be marked by the second coming of Jesus which will begin His millennial reign on the earth.

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    4:30 PM


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    4:30 PM


    302 E Rancho Rd,
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